Nigel Kinnings

Director of Photography


After graduating from London University with an English degree, I started my film/TV career as an assistant editor at BBC Bristol. This invaluable experience helped me appreciate what's needed to construct good sequences as a cameraman and increased my ability to work as a camera director when required. It also highlighted to me the importance of getting good location sound, something I will always work hard to help achieve whether collaborating with a sound recordist or recording sound myself.

My three year training as a cinematographer at the National Film and Television School gave me a good understanding of lighting for both documentary and drama. I am as comfortable creating a sophisticated lighting set-up as I am a simple set-up when time presses. (I've worked for BBC News!). Happy to be tripod-based or to do hand-held all day, I want the way I shoot to be appropriate to the production concerned and reflect the director's style. I've shot with most camera formats from 16mm/35mm film to HD to Red to DSLR and am quick to get to grips with any camera put before me!


Lighting/drama - A varied career has seen me light everything from commercials/corporates to pop promos to short dramas, whether on location or in the studio. Highlights include:


ImbroglioDir. Ian Sciacaluga - 35mm - Independent short drama

Shortlisted for Best Short film at Raindance Festival 2005



Infidel - Dir. George Milton - [FILL IN INFO]


Say Goodbye - Dir. John Roberts - NFTS - 16mm -Short drama

Won BAFTA Best Short Film 1991


Treacle Junior - Dir. Jamie Thraves - Independent - Hi-Def -Independent low-budget feature film (Co-Director of Photography)

Joint Winner of Best British feature at Dinard 2010. Nominated for a BIFA 2010. Shown at London Film Festival 2010.


Documentary- Documentary work has seen me enjoy time on architectural programmes such as 'Grand Designs' and 'Gavin Stamp's Orient Express'; history programmes such as 'Ottomans Vs Christians' and 'Ancient X-Files'; children's programmes such as 'Ballooniville' and 'Up For It!' - not forgetting charming one-offs such as 'Bandstand' for which I was nominated for an RTS Camera Award.


Travel/Adventure -Camerawork has taken me all round the world (60 countries and counting!), having shot 20 of the award winning Lonely Planet/Globetrekker series as well as numerous other travel and adventure programmes. Travelling with equipment and dealing with carnets, visas etc has become second nature! Having worked in -40C in Siberia and +40C in the Kalahari desert, I am used to shooting and looking after equipment (and myself!) in all conditions. I have also helped organize and produce shoots abroad which I then camera directed.


Wildlife/Nature - Wildlife and nature have always been an interest and credits include:


Animal Antics Dir Tracy Cooke - Channel 5 - Digibeta

I’ve been cameraman on all 5 series of this children’s wildlife series

Twice nominated for a BAFTA Award as Best Children’s Programme


Of Wind and Moor, Sea and SkyDir Director/cameraman/editor - RSPB · 16mm

Wildlife portrait of a remote Scottish island

Nominated for Best Newcomer's Award at Wildscreen '88 Wildlife Film Festival