Nigel Kinnings

Director of Photography


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Animal Antics
Dir Tracy Cooke · Channel 5 · Digibeta

I’ve been cameraman on all 5 series of this children’s wildlife series

Twice nominated for a BAFTA Award as Best Children’s Programme


Dir Steve Kemp · Anglia/ITV · Super 16

An affectionate portrait of Southend’s bandstand

Nominated for an RTS Camera Award


Documentary Showreel



Dir Ian Sciacaluga · 35mm

Independent short drama

Shortlisted for Best Short film at Raindance Festival 2005


Music Video Showreel

Music videos


Of Wind and Moor, Sea and Sky
Dir Director/cameraman/editor · RSPB · 16mm

Wildlife portrait of a remote Scottish island

Nominated for Best Newcomer's Award at Wildscreen '88 Wildlife Film Festival


Say Goodbye
Dir John Roberts · NFTS · 16mm

Short drama

Won BAFTA Best Short Film 1991


Show Reels


Treacle Junior
Dir Dir Jamie Thraves · Independent · Hi-Def

Independent low-budget feature film (Co-Director of Photography)

Joint Winner of Best British feature at Dinard 2010. Nominated for a BIFA 2010. Shown at London Film Festival 2010.



Asda – The Grandkids are Coming
Dir Ian Sciacaluga · Discovery · Red Epic

TV commercial for Asda Over 50s Life Cover, shot on location


Baker Ross - Questions
Dir Ian Sciacaluga · Space City · Red Epic

TV commercial for the  Baker Ross toy line, shot in studio


Building England
Dir Ian Sciacaluga · Discovery · Hi-Def

2 x 1 hour: an insight into the architectural history of England


Combat Dealers
Dir Various · Discovery · Hi-Def

A six part series following the adventures of Bruce Crompton, tank collector extraordinaire (co-camera)


Globetrekker – Argentina
Dir Steve Lennhoff/Anthony Barwell · Discovery · Hi-Def

2 x 1 hour: a road trip from the far north to the far south of Argentina following the legendary Ruta 40


Globetrekker – St Helena
Dir Chris Ledger · Discovery · Hi-Def

A journey to one of the remotest islands in the world where Napoleon was exiled


Margaret Thatcher: Prime Minister
Dir Martin Durkin · Channel 4 · Hi-Def

An appraisal of Margaret Thatcher’s life. (co-camera)


Seaside Antics
Dir Sarah McDonnell · Channel 5 · Hi-Def

Children’s wildlife series


Tough Trains – Siberia
Dir Chris Ledger · Discovery · Hi-Def

A journey to the gas fields of Arctic Siberia on the most northerly train in the world


Two of a Kind
Dir Leora Eisen · Canadian Broadcasting Company · Hi-Def

A look at the genetic make up of twins. (co-camera)



Go Wild
Central Television · Beta SP/Hi-8

Children’s environmental programme. Camera directed stories in Namibia and Morocco


K9 Cops
Granada Anglia/Animal Planet · HDV

I was one of the camera/directors on this series about the police dog unit in St Paul, Minnesota


The World’s Greenest Homes
CBC · Hi-Def

Camera /director on two items for this magazine programme about eco friendly houses - a wooden house in Amsterdam and a forester’s house in Sussex



Celebrity Wedding Planner
Dir Paul Morten/John Bonny · Renegade · Hi-Def

Celebrities take on the challenge of  making couples’ big day extra special…  (co-camera)


Dir Jon Stephens · Anglia/ITV · Digibeta

8 celebrity presenters make their case for supporting endangered species.

Filmed two: Sadie Frost with Orang Utans in Borneo; Graeme le Saux with Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda


Gavin Stamp’s Orient Express
Dir Steve Green · Channel 5 · Digibeta

Five part series following the route of the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul with architectural historian Gavin Stamp


Pevsner in Newcastle
Dir Adrian Sibley · Channel 5 · Digibeta

Professor Gavin Stamp exploring the architecture of Newcastle through the writings of Pevsner


Phantoms and Shadows: 100 Years of Rolls Royce
Dir Steve Kemp · Channel 5 · Digibeta

Brian Sewell’s wry look at the classic car, lamenting the lack of style and grace in the more recent models


The Real Dick Turpin
Dir Roger Finnigan · Channel 5 · Digibeta

Exploding the myth of the romantic highwayman – a documentary showing Dick Turpin to be the thug that he was.  (co-camera)



Grand Designs
Dir Various · Channel 4 · Hi-Def

Documentary series looking at weird and wonderful building projects. (co-camera)


The Search for the Sea Serpent
Dir Neil Rawles · Channel 4 · Super 16

An expedition looks for Norway's very own Loch Ness monster, the Seljord sea-serpen


The Transylvanian Job
Dir Neil Rawles · Channel 4 · Super 16

Documentary about metal detectorists searching for Dacian gold in Transylvania



Full English Breakfast
Dir Steve Kemp · BBC · Super 16

A light-hearted look at one of the great British traditions


Muscle Madness
Dir Simon Rawles · BBC · Digibeta

Documentary about men suffering from the reverse of anorexia, bigorexia


The Learning Zone
Dir Patrick Fleming · Hi-Def

Science based clips covering subjects as diverse as nuclear fusion, the genome project and acid rain, and included filming at Dungeness nuclear power station and the Jet fusion reactor in Oxford


The Secret
Dir Clare Kilner · BBC · Super 16

Drama/doc about a man suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder



Ancient X Files
Dir Various · Wag TV for National Geographic · Hi-Def

I shot four programmes in this series looking at ancient mysteries including Bosnian pyramids and the whereabouts of Biblical Sodom in Jordan


Ground War
Dir Roger Finnigan · Granada for PBS/National Geographic · Hi-Def

Shot two programmes of this four part series: one looking at the development of armour, the other looking at mobile platforms from chariots to tanks


How Do They Do It?
Dir Various · Discovery/Channel 5 · Hi-Def

A programme which looks at the surprising background behind the manufacture and construction of everyday things – from mobile phones to the largest piece of concrete in the world (co-camera)


Industrial Revelations
Dir Jon Stephens/Christopher Bruce/Matt Richards · Digibeta

Rory McGrath explores the best of British engineering from St Paul’s Cathedral to the Humber bridge (co-camera)


Dir Steve Lenhoff · Hi-Def

Programme looking at Syria’s architectural highlights from crusader castles to the Mosque in Damascus to the Roman ruins of Apamea (Also: ‘Metropolis:Barcelona’ and ‘Metropolis:LA’)


Ottomans v Christians
Dir Steve Lenhoff · Hi-Def

A history of the fight for supremacy in the Eastern Mediterranean (Co-camera)


The Keys to the Castle – France
Dir Patrick Fleming

John Barrowman explores what it’s like to live in a chateau in the 21st century



Lonely Planet - Canadian Arctic
Dir Angela Gourley · Discovery · Beta SP

Travel programme: from a dog sled trek across Baffin Island to filming seal pups on the ice floes off the Madeleine Islands.                                  

(Other ‘Lonely Planet/Globetrekker’: Germany; Scotland; California; Georgia and Armenia; West Russia; Hawaii; North Italy (co-camera); Mid-West USA; Malaysia/Borneo; Syria; Israel; Ukraine; North East England; Paraguay and Uruguay; Delhi and Rajasthan; Japan; The Pacific)

Globetrekker City Guides: Istanbul, Venice, LA, Buenos Aires)


People Out There - Arctic Aviators
Dir Chris Kendal · Digibeta

Documentary about pilots in north east Siberia who provide a lifeline to the remote communities there

Also ‘People Out There’ : ‘Wolf Man’; ‘Venice under Siege’; ‘Photographing the Kumbh Mela’ (co-camera)


Runes and Dreamings
Dir Carl Schonfeld · Channel 4 · Super 16

Documentary following the journey on all the old tracks of an artist and his son from Sydney to an aboriginal community beyond Alice Springs to create an installation with an aboriginal artist


Six Degrees - Capetown
Dir Jasmin Ng · Discovery · Digibeta

Travel documentary exploring Capetown’s people and culture

(Also four other ‘Six  Degrees’ – Auckland; London; Dublin; Istanbul)


Trailblazers: The Bering Strait
Dir Fiona Caldwell · Discovery · Digibeta

Marcel Theroux travels through Kamchatka and Chokotka to Alaska, taking in reindeer herders and walrus hunters en route


Trailblazers: The Coldest Town
Dir Chris Kendal · Discovery · Digibeta

Writer Marcel Theroux travelling through Siberia in winter to the coldest town in the world


Trailblazers: Tracking the Bushmen
Dir Fiona Caldwell · Discovery · Digibeta

Writer Melanie McGrath travels through Namibia to learn from the Bushmen how to track


Treks in a Wild World - Alaska
Dir Peter Mcpherson · Discovery · Mini DV

Adventure travel with Bradley Cooper including kayaking in Prince William Sound, and hiking in the Gates of the Arctic National Park.

Other Treks in a Wild World: ‘Texas/Mexico’; ‘Lapland



The Nature of Things – High Speed Trains
Dir Hadley Obodiac · CBC · Hi-Def

A look at the new Eurostar rail link to St Pancras station and at how effective such high speed trains would be in a North American context

Other ‘The Nature of Things’: ‘Nano:the Environment’; ‘Speed:Muscle Memory’; ’Officeland’; ‘The Great Brain Robbery’; ‘Nuts about Squrrels’; ‘Chris Hadfield:International Space Station Special’. (all co-camera)



Dir Patrick Fleming · 2SidesTV for Cartoonito · Hi-Def (XF305)

Series of 26 children’s programmes, studio and location


Dir Patrick Fleming · Channel 5 · Digibeta

Children’s series looking close up at how things are made


Up 4 It
Dir Patrick Fleming · Discovery Kids · Digibeta

13 part series with presenter Jamie Rickers giving kids the chance to get their own back on their parents by forcing them to take part in activities – abseiling, horse riding etc - they’d normally run a mile from!



Dir George Milton · Loudmouse/Schlemmer Film · 35mm

35mm feature (camera operator)


Hello You
Dir John Keates · Fecund Films · Hi-Def

Independent feature film


True Crime
Dir Julian Hobbs · Abject Films · Super 16

An American independent feature length film documentary about collectors of serial killer art in the U.S.



Dir Katherine Freeman · ENO · Canon 5D/7D

A community musical drama based on Mozart’s Don Giovanni produced by English National Opera


The Secret
Dir Katherine Freeman · Anglia/ITV · Super 16

Short film drama about a girl growing up fantasising about Hollywood musicals


The Three Bears
Dir Steve Kemp · Anglia/ITV · Super 16

Short film comedy about three Russian submariners who mistakenly surface in the fens when they run out of coal


I’ve also shot a further 25 short films on 16mm and 35mm. Also a good number of pop promos. Commercials include ones for Freeserve, Hoover, Postal Gold, Ryvita, Safestore and Kelloggs. Numerous corporates including ones for BAE systems, 2 Degrees, Barclays Bank, Goodrich, and  Astrazeneca.